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We Are All Broken

Doc's Blog


We Are All Broken

Lee Vance

It is a common mistake to assume that we are alone in the pain. But we are all broken. Some people were adopted and rejected early carrying the scars of that experience for a lifetime. Some people were assaulted and traumatized, creating a lifelong injury. Some were forgotten. Some sought after connection and hurt themselves on the way there. Some were not provided with the emotional attention needed. Some never experienced a childhood. Yet others still were bullied in school. Some lost a parent too early. Some lost jobs, lost children, lost a business, and some lost their minds. Some have been in auto accidents. Some just recently came to learn that their bodies were betraying them, due to gravity and age. And some came to learn that their biological father is someone else. Some have worked their whole lives and have not yet awoken to their true discontent. Some are in jail. Some died there. Some haven’t forgiven themselves and some haven’t forgiven others. We are all broken but we have the capacity to heal. That capacity is innate - just as fractured bones heal naturally so does our emotional brokenness. We simply need to be present with the pain, share it with others, and forgive.