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"One thing became clear – wisdom and peace don’t just arrive overnight..."

Doc's Blog


"One thing became clear – wisdom and peace don’t just arrive overnight..."

Lee Vance

Wisdom, peace, happiness, and healing are human experiences that we all want. At least, it's my impression that this is true. Oren Jay Sofer, a mindfulness teacher and incredibly wise former monk, share some of his experiences with heading toward these seemingly elusive conditions. I was struck by how much physical and psychological pain, sadness, and unwise acts litter his road toward Buddhism. It's inspiring and I think my readers may find inspiration in it even if you cannot get on board with all the tenets of Buddhism itself. While I understand many mindfulness skills, the teachings of Buddhism, which Oren references throughout this blog post, are confusing to me. And yet, I feel as if I do not need to understand all of his language to fully appreciate and accept that what he has to say is true for all of us - we all suffer, we all need healing, and we all can access it with a steady commitment to healthy and nourishing choices. I think that's ultimately what life's pleasure and displeasure boils down to - making one healthful choice right now and then subsequently choosing to make another. And then when we fail, letting it go and gently trying again.

If you read Oren's post, I'd love to hear your thoughts below or in email.